Restorative Yoga for Women, Cardiff

Restorative yoga is a gentle yet powerful therapy that helps quieten thoughts, ease tension and restore vitality. It encourages the body to discharge stress, open in its own time and rejuvenate from a ‘deep reservoir’ of energy.

A restorative process helps mitigate the effects of speed, urgency, and contraction in the body and mind. It supports compassionate awareness: listening to and trusting the body. The wisdom in this approach is to activate our muscles, joints and tissues enough to feel and percept; to make kinder choices in posture, movement and breath and to allow the body-mind to yield, relax and restore by itself. Practiced regularly over time, restorative yoga will help ease restlessness, anxiety and pain and promote balance, self compassion and resilience.

These sessions would appeal to women going through challenges or transitions, experiencing stress, burn out or anxiety; who seek support for their health, or the space to vision new possibilities.

Sessions are confidential and facilitated in an empathic, relational manner. There is time for checking in, group sharing, reflective journaling and 1 hour of restorative yoga, which includes:

  • Supported postures (with bolsters, blocks, cushions and blankets) 
  • Therapeutic movement
  • Breath and felt sense awareness 
  • Compassion practice and mindfulness.

A small group  (maximum 6) ensures that each woman has the space and time to meet her needs.