One to One Restorative Yoga Therapy, Cardiff

These sessions are confidential and therapeutic. They are unlike yoga classes and are not exercise. Unfortunately, yoga has become commodified and stripped of its deeper psychological and somatic value.
Yoga is a body mind healing practice integral to the art & science of Ayurveda. My approach is informed by Ayurvedic psychology and backed up by polyvagal informed movement therapy

Why Restorative?

With our lifestyles becoming ecologically and socially more unsustainable, our bodies and minds are not hard wired to thrive in fast paced, complex environments. Systemic stress takes its toll, curtailing our breath and depleting our energy.

In times of austerity, we face increasing pressure at work  and limited capacities to attend to our family, relationships or well being.  In this squeeze, our health is knocked out of balance.

Sometimes life throws us a curve ball; we become injured, move home, change job or lose a loved one. Faced with our vulnerability we might feel overwhelmed or hopeless

“The way out is in”

After any kind of illness or difficulty, we can re calibrate.  Our bodies and hearts are massively resilient.  

“It’s not about what’s wrong with you; it’s what happened to you and how you adapted to survive”

Restorative yoga reawakens your capacity to flow with life, meet challenges and reduce harm and suffering. By raising self awareness, we are better able to choose the right response and action. For example, we can set boundaries, rest, let go, say no, challenge, bounce up, not quit, re assess,  re- align, change our mind, identify needs, reach out, ask for support or take a break.

Therapeutic method

This therapeutic method is essentially based on restoring nervous system coordination while weeding out stifling self beliefs.  It involves awakening our discerning  mind, (buddhi) and our human capacity for compassionate response and righteous action.  

Yoga as a liberation should not re adjust us to oppressive situations. As an empowering process it will support our removal from toxic environments and unjust circumstances.

This gentle and mindful method can replace intense and cathartic coping strategies. With commitment, time and patience, this process will put you back in touch with yourself and restore equilibrium.

What happens in a session?

In the first 1-3 sessions, we gather information and set a focus, this involves me ‘reading’ your nervous system ( vata- vayu- nadi ) and timing interventions. We listen, feedback and dialogue. In this process we build a rapport and trusting working alliance. Sessions involve, movement, talking, drawing, mindful attention and touch.  I use touch respectfully and appropriately, with your consent. We might spend the session staying in chairs or explore some movement from standing or lying down.  We use props such as bolsters, cushions, weighted blankets and blocks..

How does it work?

Raising awareness: understanding your internal landscape: sensations, feelings, emotions, thoughts and energy as well as your outer landscape: awareness of body parts, body movement and body alignment. Sometimes this is not obvious, with time it becomes clearer.

Resourcing:  connecting to body wisdom ( Prana) and harnessing the intelligence of the nervous system (vayu) and the Self (Atman- light, compassion, love). 

Titration: doing little bits at a time and giving space to process and make sense of what is happening. 

Tracking: Cultivating a kind, non judgemental stance to identify the shapes and patterns that tension, pain or injury can form in your body/mind.  Promoting wise inner discernment (buddhi), as the means to support change (tapas) and balance (sattva)

Re-patterning:  Exploring different movements, gestures (mudras) and postures that give relief. Addressing and replacing the self talk and scripts (samskaras) that fixate negative states.

Resiliency:  building skills to increase feelings of support, ease and presence. Enabling your nervous system to re calibrate and self regulate; mobilising without overwhelm and intensity and relaxing without crashing or shutting down.

Who are these sessions for?

I work with men, women and young adults. I  have experience of working with stress, anxiety and depression, injury and pain, burn out & fatigue, post operation care, cancer recovery support, muscular-skeletal aches and pains, shoulder/neck problems and frozen shoulder, arthritis, CFS or ME, fibromyalgia, dissociative seizures, trauma,  sexual assault/violence, invasive medical procedures, pregnancy and birth support, fertility & conception assistance,  menopause/ menstrual challenges, pelvic floor issues such as irritable bladder and prolapse, hysterectomy, post abortion, post miscarriage, post still birth recovery and postnatal/post partum support.