Restorative Yoga for Women in Cardiff

I offer a safe and welcoming space for  women to connect to the wisdom of their moving body and feel well in their body mind.

Modern living can put a lot of pressure on us to live from our head, to do more and push harder. Sometimes we run on empty and don’t even know that we are exhausted. 
Yoga is all about knowing yourself: from the inside out. Raising self awareness helps us make more sensible choices. By giving ourselves the right space and circumstances to move our pelvis, spine, legs and arms freely and openly in awareness, we can antidote the ‘sedentary stuckness’ and over stimulation of our minds.

A moving  body is enlivened and  can resource us. When we move, we come to know  ourselves. We can understand ways to discharge overwhelm, ground and feel more present. We can understand our boundaries and edges, our biorhythms  as well as our needs for stillness and reflection.  A mindful experience of movement translates into our lives and helps us become more conscious, more soulful, more who we are.

In this class we concern ourselves with:

  • The value of going slowly, reducing effort, increasing feeling and making movement enjoyable.

  • Feeling movement as shape, flow and sensation rather than moving  mechanically and as a means to an end

  • Balancing the autonomic nervous system and bringing our bodymind back to a healthy base line

  • Promoting a healthy and sustained present moment attention

  • Pleasurable ways of sensing, moving and feeling without evaluation or self - judgement.

  • Visualisations and the use of active imagination to affirm one’s self

  • Ways of stretching, breathing and moving that diffuse tension and support optimal alignment and weight distribution.

  • Pelvic focused movements that promote flow of blood, circulation and energy to the reproductive organs

  1. The benefits of regular attendance to this class include:

  • A powerful unwinding of acute tension and a release of chronic holding and compression

  • An increase in self – esteem & body confidence,

  • Development of  self- acceptance and  self -compassion,

  • Tolerance and trust for feeling and sensation

  • Relief from 'a head full of worries and thoughts'

  • Reduction of stress, anxiety and nervous depletion.

  • Help for a bad back, pelvic floor, PMS, digestive difficulties, stiffness and insomnia.   

  1. This class is open to all women at any stage of their life. I welcome and respect women with different cultural, racial & religious backgrounds, gender, sexual orientation, age and body shape or size.  This class would be of particular interest to women balancing busy lives/ work schedules with  caring for young children, women reaching or within their menopause, young women and students, women looking to conceive and women with menstrual or hormonal challenges.

  2. These classes are held in a relational, empathic manner. They are not exercise classes. Unfortunately, yoga has become commodified and commercialised to the extent where Yoga practitioners across the world are now calling for yoga to be honoured, to be brought back to its authentic roots; for its philosophical, bio-energetic and somatic value to be reinstated.

Spaces are limited to 14 women. .
Please bring your own yoga mat, blanket, hot-water bottle and eye pillow